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Mommyhood is f-ing hard!

Mommyhood is f-ing hard!

My name is Delia Fairchild…. well actually that isn’t my real name at all. Let’s just get that out on the table.

What is real is that I am a mom of two young beautiful children. A working mom at that. What type of mom am I? Well (I feel like breaking out in song), I am a hands on mom, a manically obsessive mom, a research whore of a mom, a co-op school mom, a struggling positive discipline mom, a mom who doesn’t want to grow up, and a mom who loves and hates her children all at once. Just for the record, 99% love and 1% “strongly dislike”.

I really am not a writer by any means. In fact my writing skills will make select friends of mine cringe at times. However my need to start a mommy blog (to add to the millions of mommy blogs out there), was have a creative release of all my internal OCD mommy thoughts. When my daughter was born, I found myself in a new moms support group at our hospital where I gave birth. Myself and about 10 other frazzled mommies would emailed every little mommy question and thought. We would get together for play dates…. which really was just us moms getting together for coffee and a bitch session, while our new little babies slept in their carriers for hours.

Over the years our little mommy group has slowly dwindled. And it seemed as though I was the last one to realize that. I would send out long winded emails with all my emotional parenting stories and pleads for advice or at least some response that I wasn’t alone, with no response. I like to think it was due to everyone starting back at work, preschool, etc. Or maybe I was just delusional that my friends didn’t expand past the immediate need of baby mommy support.

So here I am…. I need to get all these little obsessive mommy thoughts on on paper (or computer screen). It is either that, or I will just be up at 2:00 am over thinking the day’s events and how I am going to cause my children therapy when they are adults.

So why the fake name? Well, many reasons I guess. Mainly I just wanted to be able to write about anything and everything related to parenting, being a woman, wife, crazy lady, all without judgement from friends and family. I want to say words like, “shit”, “fuck”, and “asshole” without fear my own mother would read and judge me. And, well quite frankly, it would be nice to be able to at the office, pretend to be writing an email, when really I am writing a blog entry, and my boss never know it is me (evil laugh kicks in).

And lastly, who is “Delia Fairchild”. The name is quite funny to me actually. Who does she represent? Well to me, she represents the prefect retro mommy. The super mommy from back in the day, that cooked everything from scratch, kept the house clean all the time, has her husbands slippers ready for him when he gets home, never has kids that have tantrums in public, wears high heals, drinks her cocktail at the end of the day, and pretty much is the ideal mom to the outside world. But inside… oh watch out everybody. Pretty much the opposite of me.

The name is screams sarcastic, ironic, and just plain awkward. How perfect for a blog, right?


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