A 6 year old’s quest for an American Girl Doll, part 1

It all started about a month ago, on a warm sunny Spring day. The mail had arrived. And there it was. 30 pages of glossy full color heaven. The all mighty American Girl Doll catalog. It was like the clouds had parted and the heavens were singing to my daughter as her eye lite up turning each page of girly goodness.

This is the closest you will ever see what my daughter looks like.

This is the closest you will ever see what my daughter looks like.

She immediately decided that the American Girl Doll was the perfect doll for her. And a doll she MUST have in order to complete her existence on this earth. I of course, rolled my eyes and secretly wished that catalog never had arrived. I know my daughter. She plays with almost NEVER. She likes the idea of dolls. She has a collection of them. They pretty much chill in a pile in the closet collecting dust and knots in their hair. Poor dolls…. However according to my daughter, none of those dolls look like she does, hence why they are not played with and why she MUST have the American Girl Doll that looks like her. I looked at the price tag. $110.00!!!!! And you don’t even get a cute outfit or accessories with it. Are you fucking kidding me? Pardon my french, but what bullshit to expect a parent to fork out over a $100 for the doll. Not to mention $30-$50 per outfit. I won’t even spend that much money on an outfit for myself, let alone an outfit for an 18″ piece of plastic.

After she hounded me for a day or so, I decided to make her a deal (insert evil laugh now). She went through the entire and narrowed down everything she wanted, from the doll to 2 outfits to get her wardrobe collection started. We tallied the shipping, tax, and what little money she saved so far. She needed a total of $225.00. I agreed to match her dollar for dollar. Of course in mind my, I never thought in my wildest dreams she would actually follow through. Which in turn, would save me over $100. We are talking about a girl who would pan through the couch for loose change, just so she could use the little bit of saved money on yet another 6 inch stuffed beenie animal she saw at the drug store. But what the hell, right? This would be a good lesson of saving money, doing chores for money, and be patient if it was something she really wanted.

We started off with her making a poster with cut outs from the catalog of all the items she wanted. She then wrote, “Do you have any chores for me? I am saving for an American Girl Doll”. We posted it on Facebook for our friends and family to see. From that alone, she received $20.00 from a distant grandma. She also was able to earn some money from doing odd chores for the grandparents. This includes window washing for grandma, and helping her grandpa wash the boat.

She realized very quickly, that chores were a waste of time. Really? I had to think fast. My plan of teaching her the value of hard work was sinking quickly. She decided she didn’t want to help out around the house for extra money. She already has chores that she has to do as “a part of her contributions to the family”. But then there are things she can do for extra money. Apparently she is too above hard labor or something. I mean shit, all I asked her to do was pull some weeds for money. Weeds that would have taken me 5 min to pull myself. But to her, it was slave labor….

Read Part 2 of how she finally earned her money and made her big purchase. 


9 thoughts on “A 6 year old’s quest for an American Girl Doll, part 1

  1. the suspense! it’s killing me!

    I have to admit, I’m an American Girl nerd. I read all the books and had one doll (Addy) as a child and adored her. I still have her. My rule is that my kids have to read a good chunk of the books if they want to get one of the dolls. Se I think we’re safe for a few more years.

    • American Girl Dolls were a bit after my time. My sister had one. She was 8 years younger than me. So I never really got into them. I may need to relive the experience through my daughter. I think it is cute that I can get her an soccer uniform for her doll at the same time that she starts soccer. Or any other experience in her young life. She doesn’t read well enough to get into the books. But i can read them to her.

      I am going to post part 2 tonight. It is a pretty cute conclusion.

  2. Oooooh, I’m waiting for the rest of this. We got that in the mail recently and I already had to start the conversation with grandma about how this will be handled when my 1yo is big enough to notice.

  3. Ever considered one of the adopt a friend dolls from My Twinn instead? They are one of a kind, and sometimes they go on sale for half price ($45 + tax) lots of people sell old outfits for them cheap on ebay too.

    • Oh man, I wish I had known about that. I think I got glamorized by the catalog just like my daughter. I am a sucker for good marketing. Someone else told me, we probably could have found the same doll on Ebay.

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