I am obsessed with my garden. No picking the flowers!!!!

I love my garden

I love my garden

I had big plans for what I was going to blog about tonight. My birthday was last Thursday, Mother’s Day today, Shopping, etc…. But my garden has inspired me, so I thought I would go with that. However, in the light of it being Mother’s Day, this post actually applies. How you may ask? Well, let me enlighten you. It all started back when you had to light a room with a candle at night, and walk 5 miles to school in the snow with no shoes…. haha nah… But it did start when I was a kid.

I love gardening. My grandparents were huge gardeners. My grandfather grew fruit orchards and when retired, he was known for his Italian tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. My grandmother always had the most immaculate floral garden. The grand kids weren’t even allowed to walk on the lawn. Pretty anal, right? My mother is a hard core gardener. Her garden has been in tours. We have every large family party in her backyard. She has a huge vegetable garden, a fish pond, and full hot tub with landscaped beds surrounding it.

I have little magical additions here and there. Like faeries....

I have little magical additions here and there. Like faeries….

Pretty much, the green thumb runs in the my blood. Does that mean I have green blood? Hah! Of course as a kid you don’t give a crap. “Whatever mom. Pull weeds? Yeah, right”. As a kid, you don’t appreciate the yard looking nice, or the excitement your mom has when she gets a delivery of mulch, or fresh home grown tomatoes. It isn’t until you are an adult, with a garden of your own, working the soil with a back that hurts like hell, that you really truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into having a nice garden.

The first house I rented with my boyfriend (who is now my husband), at the age of 19, I had a garden. It was pretty much a pile of sand when I started weeding it out. I remember calling my dad crying because my back was killing me and it still didn’t look like I had made any progress. But after some fatherly touch, I actually made it look like a beautiful little plot of land. From age 19 to now (age 34), I have lived in 4 different homes. Each of those homes, I have had a garden. And with each home, the garden has looked more and more amazing.

The vines are getting out of control. Like my inability to stop buying more plants!

The vines are getting out of control. Like my inability to stop buying more plants!

And now, here I am. My family is living in the home we will probably die in, (hopefully not until we are old and crippled). And by golly, my garden ROCKS IT! I love my garden. I have to admit, I am a bit of a plant hoarder. I buy plants like no body’s business. Hell, if they die, I just take them out and try something new. This is the second year with my garden, and I love every day I spend in it.

My garden serves as a haven for where my kids can play and I can pull weeds, plant, water, or just sit on my ass. We can spend quality time together, playing soccer, sidewalk chalk, or harvesting vegetables  My garden serves as education for my children. They help plant the vegetable garden, help water, help pick the vegetables, etc. My garden also serves for a hide away for me. When my husband and kids are driving me up the wall, I can hide out and say I am “watering”, and I “zen” out and in my peace and quiet.

Of course, my kids won’t fully appreciate the garden until they’re adults, as I didn’t when I was a kid. My daughter is 6 years old and I am still getting on her case for picking flowers. “Girl, you don’t pick my flowers!”

You better not pick the flowers in my garden!

You better not pick the flowers in my garden!

When my niece and nephew come over, once again, I am constantly getting on their case about picking flowers. “What the hell, stop picking my flowers!!!!” I feel like that cray old lady who gets upset when someone walks on her lawn. I will watch the kids from my bedroom window and if I see them pick a flower, I will yell from the window, “I have told you over and over, stop picking the flowers!”.  I think I am a little OCD when it comes to the garden.

I wrote in my mom’s Mother’s Day card, “When you are old, I will help you garden”. And I fully plan on carrying out that commitment. I hope someday that my children will do the same for me when I am old. Either that, or I will hire some hot young gardener to help me, and watch him when he bends over and picks up bags of potting soil. How’s that for a visual.


If there are any Santa Cruz locals reading my blog, check out this wonderful event coming up. June 15th, the Monterey Master Gardeners are hosting an all day boot camp. For $40, from 8:00-5:00 pm you get to chose from a huge variety of classes. I can’t wait for this special event. I am going to learn about organic gardening, coastal roses, composting, pruning and more. It is like Disney Land for gardeners!!!

Check it out here:

Monterey Bay Master Gardeners Boot Camp


4 thoughts on “I am obsessed with my garden. No picking the flowers!!!!

  1. Beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb, but my thumb is black as coal. I love gardens but can’t make anything grow. Want to come to my house and garden for me?

  2. My God, I’m so jealous. I have NO green thumb. I try and try and try and everything dies and I just can’t seem to “get it”. You are such a natural. I’d love a little haven like that in my yard:( Nice work.

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