When blogging becomes a chore

Blogging or sleep. These days it is a hard decision

Blogging or sleep. These days it is a hard decision

I love blogging. LOVE IT. I am not a writer, but I am a mommy. And blogging has been a way for me to unleash all my mommy drama and daily journalling. I have only been blogging for about 3 months. But quickly I have become addicted  I had plenty to write about. And somehow found the time to blog 2 days a week. That is 3 times a week, with working every night with my day job, working 3 days a week in the office, working in the classroom for my daughters kinder class, and being a fulltime mom and fulltime housewife. Basically instead of crashing on the couch, watching reruns of Rosanne at 8:00 pm, I was writing in my blog. I always said if it stopped being fun, I would stop blogging.

And then something happened. People started reading my posts. I was getting comments. And I was I was seeing an increase in blog stats. Super fun, right? Super addicting, right? Well, now my blog has topped off and really requires more work on my part to get it to the next level. In reading about how to increase your blogging community, you have some work to do. You need to comment on other blogs. You need to Tweet, Facebook, join other mommy communities. Basically get out there and be apart of others communities. I love the idea. But I feel like with the limited time I have, it is so hard to write posts, and get my foot in the door in other mommy blogger communities. Blogging can seriously become a fulltime job. A fulltime, unpaid job.

So needless to say… the honeymoon period is over. Obviously there is no way I will become a famous blogger like “The Bloggess” overnight… if ever. And I want to continue blogging. But I feel like I need to get over this hump. It is like when you lose 10 pounds, but you have 30 pounds to go, yet the scale will not move past pound 11. “This one goes to 11” (if you don’t recall, that is from Spinal Tap).

So as a new mantra to myself, I need to remind myself of the following:

  • Blogging is about having fun
  • Stats do not matter
  • Sometimes you will have nothing to write about, and that is ok
  • The world will not end if you don’t blog tonight
  • If no one reads your posts, it is ok
  • You should read, comment, and follow others blogs because you enjoy reading what they are writing, not just to expect a follow or comment back. That’s bad karma.
  • Out of all the perverts that read your blog because they think
    “Poop On Your Hands” means something kinky, there is probably at least a couple people who are reading your blog because they are fellow mommies with the same mommy issues you have.
  • And once again, blogging is about having fun!

Ok, now that I have gotten all that off my chest, I have a great idea for Wednesday post! But for now, time for sleep!


13 thoughts on “When blogging becomes a chore

  1. It’s true! It’s supposed to be fun, but can SO easily be about stats and “just one more tweet!” or “I got a comment, must write!” This is a great reminder to us all (i have also only been bloggin about 3 months) to chill and enjoy!

    • Thanks for the comment. It is nice to give ourselves permission that it is ok if we don’t want to blog. Last night when I wasn’t in the mood for blogging and gave myself permission to not blog if I didn’t want to, somehow I became interested again. Funny how our minds work that way. I should try that trick on my children.

  2. I’ still new too this with less than 2 years blogging but I find that I have to step back sometimes…and I might not write for days or weeks and that is ok.

    • Wow 2 years seems like a long time in blogging land. That is great you have kept up with is for 2 years. I keep thinking of all the mommy bloggers out there. I bet so many of them start a blog and then stop within a few months of starting. I certainly hope that is not me. Although I often think of when my kids are older and possibly find my blog. I am going to have to change up my content so that I don’t offend them. I must be a way to talk about them without embarrassment. I probably have about 2 years to figure that out.

  3. I never thought about the “kinky” connection to the blog title! As a mom, I didn’t question it since “poop on my hands” has literally happened…ewww. Keep having fun with it, I am always here reading and thinking “yes, that’s totally it!” But, no pressure.
    Also, I really hope that you and your family have fully recovered…the illness sounded horrible and I love the idea of a mom-illness-retreat. For me, that retreat comes from my in-laws taking my daughter while I wallow in bed (the one time I’ve been ill enough to justify ‘inconveniencing’ them).

    • Michelle, you would be shocked at the search terms people use to find my blog. It grosses me out. Some days it is really discouraging because the majority of visitors who come have searched for the worst terms ever. I am sure once they click on my blog and see that I am really talking about kids barfing on me, they most likely leave as fast as they came.

      I wish there was a way to track these people down. One day someone found my blog searching for a term that show this person as an obvious pedophile. Not only a pedophile, but someone who obviously watches child pornography. When I saw that, it bothered me all day. I blog annonomously and never mention my children’s names, but it still made me feel violated that this person could have potentially read about something my child has done. But then again, they most likely left quickly, as I obviously don’t provide the content this person was looking for.

      When I choose this name, I too, never considered it in a kinky way. I just thought, “what a funny name, I get poop on my hands all the time”.

  4. This is so true! As a fellow newbie blogger (9 months) I wasn’t prepared for the amount of work that goes into blogging. It’s not just unique content. It’s SEO, editing images, promoting, social media, commenting, link ups, etc. It’s exhausting! I also work FT and sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. Then I remember it wasn’t just to complain about my parents, it’s so one day I can quit my FT job and stay home with my kid and my successful blog. Here’s to hoping dreams come true.

    • 9 months is a long time, great job! Yes blogging takes so much work. I never thought of it myself. My goals when starting a blog, was to create a community of like minded mommies who were going through the same things I was. But I never thought in order to build that community up, I needed to go out into the internet world and draw them to me. I just thought, “If I write it, they will come”. But I keep hearing, slow and steady, so that is what I am going with. I am building my audience more each month. And I am finding that I would rather have a blog post with multiple comments, but not as many visitors for the day, vs a day when a ton of visitors but no comments and no follows. Cause that tells me that people came but decided to not stay. And that isn’t the audience I am looking for.

      My new goal is turning my Facebook for the blog into a community in itself. I need to move my Poop On My Hands Facebook Fan page into my Deila friend follow page. Then connect my Twitter with my Facebook and start Facebooking more that Tweeting. All in due time! And no rush. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I felt the same way when I started. At one point, I would stress that it had been a few days and I better come up with a post quickly. I realized I wasn’t writing for myself anymore. I started it to remember the days of our family since I am so sleep deprived I have trouble remembering my own name. In the end, the blog is for you.

  6. You seem to have infiltrated my brain and written my post!!! I feel like I could have written this word for word….all the way down to volunteering in my kids’ class!!! I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read this and know I’m not alone. I’m so overwhelmed with all that is required in the blogging world that sometimes I feel like giving up. But, you’re mantras have helped me a lot. It’s about having fun, not stats…..so what if I only have 55 Twitter followers and Thoughts From Paris has 25,555??? Who’s counting?? Thanks so much for sharing this…..this is one of my favorite posts I’ve read in a long time:)

    • Thanks Michelle. See, this is what blogging is all about for me. Writing my gripes and having others relate to them. YAH! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. And I feel ya! At the end of the day, whatever we decide to do with our time when the kids are in bed, the chores are done (or not in my case), and we can do whatever we want, we should be able to sleep, or have a drink, or zone out on TV, or write in our blog, or take a shower, or whatever. It doesn’t have to be blogging if we really rather just shut the computer down.

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