My tired “bipolar” teenage 6 year old

My daughter is like Candace Flynn, but in a 6 year old body

I was driving home from work today, trying to figure out what to blog about tonight. Usually I like to have my blog post ideas just hit me with a ton of bricks, vs struggling to come up with content. It becomes a chore when that is the case. I had nothing. And was fully prepared to just put blogging on hold for tonight, mess around on Twitter…. and watch Sons of Anarchy (which I am totally obsessed with right now).

And then my daughter walked in the door. And hit me with a ton of bricks. The minute she walked up the driveway, I knew she was totally fried out of her brains. She has been on Spring break this entire week and today she was at daycare while I was at the office. At daycare, they went roller skating, the park, and basically played hard with her friends all day long. Quickly the plan for the evening changed from making dinner and playing with the kids followed by our regular evening bed routine, to getting the shower ready, while running out for takeout and off to bed.

My daughter walked in the house with a sour look on her face, threw her stuff down and stomped off to her room. My husband explained how she has been acting like a complete nut case on the way home, and he got short with her. Which of course started the tone for the evening. Trying to play the sympathetic card, I pried myself into her room. It was hard since she was propped up against the door. But I squeezed in. She went from telling me to go away, to crawling up inside my lap and wanting me to hold her. Then back to telling me to go away.

She then moved to being super energetic and wanted to do the Xbox Dance Party. Um, yeah right kid, like that is going to happen tonight. I talked her into taking a bath while I ran out to get us tostadas (her fav). I poured out the boiling water I had started for dinner, turned the hot water on the bath, and grabbed my keys.

After chatting with my husband before walking out the door, I checked on her in the bath. She had poured an entire bottle of bubble bath into the bath water and was proceeding to make a water slide. WTF WOMAN? So that was that, she lost her privilege in the bath, and had to get rinsed off and out of the bath. Now some of you may be thinking, “why would she lose her bath privilege from that>” But you have to understand, we have told her a billion zillion times to not pour out the entire bottle of soup into the bath. Especially after I had already poured at least a half of cup into the water as it was.

With that, she started to cry. And not the mad cry. The disappointed cry. I basically told her I wasn’t going to be buying any bubble bath anytime soon, since she used all hers up in one bath. So once again, she ran into her room crying, slamming the door. And off to Taqueria Vallarta I go. She was my husbands problem now.

Thankfully once she got some food in her, she became somewhat normal. And now she is reading a book before heading off to bed. I have a feeling there is one more meltdown in the evening schedule for us.

My daughter is usually a very leveled headed little girl. Granted she is 6 and has many 6 year old attitude issues. What little girl doesn’t? But when she gets tired, she becomes a “bipolar” teenager. Watch out everyone, cause the tornado is coming through the house. Just hold your ground, don’t take shit, but deal with her as you would an angry drunk person and just get her to bed as calmly and tactful as possible. Tomorrow will be a new day.


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