Apparently I lived under a rock, when Gangnam Style came out

Growing up as a teen, I would always tell myself that I was going to be “the” cool mom. I would not be one of those stuffed up moms that couldn’t relate to their children. I would have the house where kids felt comfortable hanging out, eating my food, listening to loud music, telling all their secrets. I would make my kids and their friends feel welcome to be themselves around me.

Now flash forward 15 years. Up until about a week ago, I still thought I was the cool mom. I don’t wear mom jeans. (although I do wear mom yoga pants). I listen to the top 40 radio station on the way to work (although I would prefer my 90’s alternative grunge Pandora radio station). I am hip on what “flash mobs” are. I tweet, Facebook, Youtube, etc. But as my 6 year old seems to have a way of putting me in my place, I have come to realize that I am not as hip as I thought…. which is a total bummer.

About a week ago, we were all watching TV, and the pistachio commercial comes on where an Asian man in a green sport coat starts singing in Korean and doing a rodeo dance with dancing pistachio women. WTF is that? I turned to my family and said, “So what is the deal with this guy? This commercial comes on all the time. I feel like I’ve heard this song somewhere.”

My 6 year old daughter. The same daughter that needs reminding to on panties in the morning and does pretend play with the colored Easter eggs, turns to me and says, “Mom, don’t you know, its Gangnam Style”. And then proceeds to dance around the house as she is a line dancing stripper…singing, “Hey….. sexy lady, uh…. uh uh uh uh, Gangnum Style”.

My husband went on YouTube to bring up the song. Gangnam Style has over 5 billion views. And come to find out, it is as popular as the Funky Chicken song at weddings and grade school dances. Apparently I have lived under a rock for the past year. Apparently if the world ended tomorrow, the fact that I didn’t know what Gangnam style is, would probably mean life or death, where and I would ostracized  from from modern society.

You know, someone seriously needs to invent flash cards or something for us mom’s who want to keep up on the trends of next generation.

Now, every time I try dancing Gangnum Style or sing the song, my daughter has a massive freakout and leaves the room. I guess, now that I am in the know of such a killer song, I am not allowed to enjoy it and partake in the trends the young. Where is my cane and heating pad? I think I need to take a break on the couch cause Golden Girls is on again.

Oh well, maybe next time I will be more on top of it. But for now, I am so not “cool”.



2 thoughts on “Apparently I lived under a rock, when Gangnam Style came out

  1. Personally, I believe that many of the trends are not worth keeping up with. I can’t stand Gangnam Style (and that pistachio commercial is dumb, IMHO). Planking, the “Harlem Shake,” and “Aint nobody got time for dat” are all annoying trends. Thank goodness that my daughter is not quite 4, and therefore doesn’t have interest in anything beyond My Little Pony, Lalaloopsy, and ABC Mouse. 🙂

    • You are so true. I do like to hold a conversation with ppl when the topic of a trend comes up. And I have to say, I know everything there is to know from E! news. But I am not too up on current events and topics on NPR.

      All in all, I probably live in a little bubble. Sometimes I really like it that way. But other times, I feel I should be more “informed”

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