Epic Easter Bunny Fail

We celebrate the Easter Bunny at our house. I have to admit, with the packaged candy and the little toys with the commercial wrapping on it, I am surprised my 6 year old hasn’t caught on that mommy is the Easter bunny. But she hasn’t yet and I continue to play along.

Last year I had picked up a couple foil wrapped chocolate eggs at the store and thought it would be fun to randomly place them throughout the house a couple weeks before Easter,  and see how long it would take for her to find them. It took so long that I had forgotten about it. Then one day I hear her screaming down the hall saying, “mom the Easter bunny brought me a treat early!”. Then she started a mad hunt around the house to see if there were more. I thought it was cute and explained that maybe the Easter bunny was passing by, getting ready for Easter, and left a couple treats along his way.

Well, this year came rolling around. And quite frankly I had completely forgotten about the random droppings of the Easter bunny. Then I heard her telling a friend, who was over for a playdate, that they should look around the house for treats the Easter bunny had left. Since last year he did, of course this year would be the same. So they literally started tearing apart the house. Bit by bit. I had to think fast…. I think I said something to the effect of, “You know the Easter bunny always tells the parents when he is in the area, and I haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t think you will find anything. This is after every toy was out of the each bin, and every book off the bookshelf.

2 days later I picked up a couple chocolates and placed them throughout the house. She found 1 of them, but still hasn’t found the other. But now a new problem has arisen. She is freaked out that she is going to run into the Easter bunny hiding treats in the house. So now she is scared to go into the bathroom, scared to go to her bed at night, scared to go pretty much anywhere alone in the house.

What the hell am I suppose to do now? My cute little game has turned into an annoying nightmare. There is a part of me that wants to just tell her it was me the entire time. But I am not ready to come clean about the Easter bunny not being real at all. And what started out being a cute little innocent game, has turned into the Easter bunny being this horrible scary creature that is going to rip her face apart.

So far I have gotten away with telling her that the Easter bunny doesn’t come when she is in the house. And he always tells me when he is in the area so I will make sure she doesn’t get scared. OMG! I am covering up a lie with another lie. Pretty soon I am going to be knee deep in lies and just have to come clean.

But not today…. oh no, I am going to milk this for a little longer. Or she will just sleep in our bed the 5th night in a row.


4 thoughts on “Epic Easter Bunny Fail

  1. Hahaha! You have yourself in quite a little pickle, there! And I’m sure the other parents of your daughter’s friend are like…he comes early?! Not in our house! Anyway, your intentions were in the right place…maybe next year you get the drop on her by hiding the candy right after Valentine’s Day ;).

    • I know right? She did say that she told her one friend that the Easter bunny already started leaving chocolate for her. He was like, “You are lying, he only leaves treats at Easter”. Oh man…. I am in trouble.

  2. This literally made me crack up, which drew the attention of all the nephews and my daughter…who still believe in the Easter Bunny. So I had to flip to another site real fast, so that I could keep it covered :). I had a scare on Monday, after I took my almost 4-year-old daughter to see the Easter Bunny. Long story short, whoever was wearing the costume was just a little too tall and the arms were just a little long – you could see neck, hair, and wrists. When we got home, my daughter informed me “Mom there was somebody inside the Easter Bunny!” My immediate thought was “Oh no” as I am soo not ready to let the Easter Bunny go yet (we haven’t even gotten to the Tooth Fairy yet, for crying out loud). So after trying to deny that someone was inside the EB, I told her that the Easter Bunny was inside the Easter Bunny. And then immediately clued everyone else in to this web of deceit, so that I will not be uncovered…at least this year.

    • I forgot to also mention that she was putting carrots everywhere in the house after she found the first chocolate. Hoping to get the Easter Bunny to leave more. She did find the last chocolate. And I just said after that, that I think there will be no more until Easter cause he is busy getting ready for all the kids.

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