Blogging isn’t my entire world… but sometimes I wish it was….

I just started blogging, and I love it! It is so wonderful to receive comments, share my insights and frustrations, and just plain whine and complain about my kids.

For those of you who have read my blog, know that I am a fulltime working parent. I am a graphic designer actually. Recently I have some freelance client work come up. The bad news is that after a long day of working in the office or being at home with the kids, I get to turn on my laptop and do even more design work. The good news is that I get to use that money to buy myself some new clothes. And holy shit I need some new clothes. My clothes are so stained, holey, and just plain ugly. What Not To Wear would LOVE me!!!! I think my goal is to not buy anything that is a cotton knit when I go shopping.

So in order to focus on collecting some Spring/Summer wardrobe money, I am going to put my posting on hold for a couple of weeks. It will be hard…. but I gotta do it. That’s not to say I may be able to sneak in a little rant here and there. But I just can’t commit.

Please, please, please come back and don’t forget about me! I need you like minded mommies to read my posts and share your love.

If anyone is interested in guest posting, shoot me a email at Even though I am a new blogger, I still get readers, and it would be fun to expand the community out.

When I come back, I have some great ideas for some posts. Including:

  • Why I hate and love Yo Gaba Gaba
  • I blame my baby’s poor sleep habits on the ghosts in our house
  • I am too young to have old lady hormone issues
  • Will my son ever start walking? I am losing faith
  • Pooping at work. The don’t and do-do’s (har har)
  • I rather kill my husband than divorce him. Why should he get off so easy?

I have more written on  scratch paper somewhere… but I need to get to work. See you in a couple of weeks…. or maybe sooner if I can bust it out.


2 thoughts on “Blogging isn’t my entire world… but sometimes I wish it was….

  1. Can’t wait for the pooping at work post. I have an idea for one about that topic too. It’s been sitting in my draft folder for three months. Some day.

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