Is it my snack day again?

photoThis past weekend, while laying on the couch sick as a dog with aches, fever, and a sore throat, I received the dreaded reminder email from our kinder class. “Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow if your snack day”. Oh shit!!!! I totally forgot. Didn’t I just have snack last week? Oh, right… that was a month ago. I laid there contemplating on how I was going to get my ass off the couch and to the store to shop for Monday’s snack day. No, that was not an option. I can barely walk to the bathroom, let alone drive to the store. I asked my husband, which his response of course was, “I am sure we have something here they can eat”. That is his way of saying, “Don’t bother me, I am playing video games”.

With sick kids and a sick mom, we have been pretty much surviving off of the Costco sized Kraft Mac and Cheese and takeout for the past week. Of course that crossed my mind. Maybe I can just make them a huge batch of mac and cheese. Nah, too much work.

So I mustered up the energy and stumbled my way to the kitchen to see what I could scrounge. Fruit bowl. What rotting fruit do I have that I can pan off on the kids? Cutties, yes!!! I have a Costco sized amount of Cutties. And lucky enough, they have about 2 days tops of life in them. Luckily I had 18 total, one for each kid.

Then I rummaged through our pantry. I found a couple half eaten bags of nuts. If I put them all together in one zip-lock bag, it could like a full bag. I also found an opened bag of peanut butter pretzels and a box of unopened crackers. Crackers that I bought months ago, on sale, but no one has wanted to touch them yet, cause really they are only good with fancy cheese on them. Kids don’t give a shit, right?

Ok…. I almost have it. If I can find one more item, like protein or something that can round my buffet, I will be good to go. I checked the fridge. I had a total of 8 string cheese. If I cut them in half, that would give me 16 halves. Hum… there are 18 kids in the class. 2 kids are bound to not want cheese, right? I was banking on that.

So there you have it!!!! I was able to provide snack. I was so proud of myself. Back to the couch I went, to lay there in my misery, counting the minutes till the kids went to bed and I could watch The Walking Dead in peace and quiet.

Then an hour later I see my husband come out of the kitchen eating the string cheese. “WTF are you doing? That was part of my snack for the kids tomorrow”. He didn’t know of course. But he should have known. He should have read my mind that I was saving that for snack day.

The next morning, off to the store I went….. With kids in the car, I ran into the store to purchase one more package of string cheese. And left feeling a bit of defeat and deflation from my once prized accomplishment of feeding 18 kids on an empty kitchen without spending a dime.


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