It’s Not Easy Being Green

Where I live being “green” is very important. Our community promotes being environmentally conscious everywhere you turn. I like to think that I do my part…. but I know I can improve leaps and bounds. I try and buy organic as much as I can afford. We use wax paper snack bags or reusable Tupperware and reusable water bottles. I had been cloth diapers for the first year of my son’s life. Now I use decomposable disposable diapers. I also eat the leftover food off my kids plates, because it would be a waste to throw it out. There are starving people all over the world, you know.

Being a "green" mom does not come easy for me.

Being a “green” mom does not come easy for me.

But often times I find myself thinking, this just isn’t enough. I need to do more to help contribute to saving the Earth. But it’s hard being a busy mommy on the go, and “green” at the same time. And these are my top reasons why:

1. The shower is my babysitter. I have to say, water is a natural resource that I waste. I am not proud of it, mind you. But I love using hot water. Taking a super long shower is my way of taking 20 min to myself and just zone out in utter heaven. My kids apparently feel the same way. Their favorite activity is what we call a “showerbath”. A showerbath is when you basically take a shower with the bath plugged up. My kids can take a showerbath forever!!!! At least until the water runs cold. And in that amount of time, I can get the entire house cleaned, dinner going, check my Facebook feed, water the garden and sneak some ice cream. It is the best babysitter ever!

2. Paper grocery bags make great trash bags for holding the recycle. I think it was a quote from the show Modern Family, where one of the characters says, “I haven’t been judged by this many people since I forgot my canvas bags at Whole Foods.” I own at least 10 reusable grocery bags. They live either in my car or in the corner of my kitchen. But for whatever reason, they never make it into the grocery store. I would like to think that it is just too much with carrying the baby, my purse, and/or travel coffee mug, that causes me too overwhelmed for the grocery bags. But frankly I am just too damn lazy to get them out.

So every time I get to the checkout stand, I get really nervous. I mean, who am I to forget the reusable bags? I feel like the cashier is judging my ass up and down. I mean, how could I? The nerve. So what do I do? I make this huge stink about how I always make sure to reuse the paper bags in a very productive manner. I tell the cashier the same story I have told them over and over. About how the paper bags makes great trash bags for my recycle. And how it is so much better than plastic bags for the environment  I don’t know… somehow it makes me feel a little better. Sometimes when I feel really guilty, I will buy a new reusable bag to add to my collection of other reusable bags that are sitting in my car.

3. Baby wipes are my best friend. I love baby wipes. I use them for everything. They are stashed at the diaper station, my kitchen table, the bathrooms, my purse, my car, everywhere. I use them to wipe my kids ass, my own ass, the table, the highchair, my car dashboard, the kids hands after the park or store. I love this wonderful, slightly modern invention. But apparently they do not decompose very quickly in the landfill.  And I could easily use a wet cloth towel or sponge when cleaning everything (but our asses), but then I would need to wash the towels. And I am saving my water consumption for my 30 minute long showers. Oh and by the way, I probably use about 10 wipes or more when cleaning poop off the baby’s ass. I think I still get poop on my hands even with that amount of wipes.

4. Saving Electricity. The other day our power went out for about 5 min while PG&E worked on the house. I have to say, for those 5 minutes, it felt like a shift in the vibrating energy of our home. And for 5 minutes, I felt extremely relaxed and peaceful. It felt really great. And I want to get back to that again. Our house always has a TV on, or computers running, lights on somewhere, baby monitor etc. Oh and the heater. Don’t get me started on that.

Someone was telling me the other day that I need to get an EMF protector. I laughed inside thinking about how we would need about 100 EMF protectors from the amount of energy our house uses. And it doesn’t get any better at night. I believe we have a nightlight in almost every room of the house. Mainly this is because I don’t want to run into the wall and kill myself when the baby wakes up, and I have to stumble to help him. That and if our daughter needs to get up in the middle of the night to pee, there is a light showing her the way. And god forbid we miss a text or phone call on our cell phones. So those must be on and charged at all times. You could probably power up a small village with the amount of energy we use on a monthly basis.

There are parents out there that are extremely on top of it when it comes to purchasing “green” cleaning products, saving our natural resources, and just contributing to saving the Earth with every $30 water bottle they purchase and reuse. And to them, my hat is off! I think about them every time I clean my child’s plate and take home another 10 paper bags from the grocery store.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Amen to the baby wipes! I carry them everywhere, and have them stashed everywhere too. I feel ya on the electricity and the screens, too. There is usually a TV on in our house, and an assortment of other devices. I try to balance this with non-screen activities, but sometimes I just need everyone to ‘plug in’ so that I can get stuff done!

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