Who Farted?

Children should feel safe to fart at home.

Everyone Farts

When I was a kid, I had no problem farting in front of my parents. Granted, I was a little shy in front of friends, but in front of my mom, I would fart all the time. My mom would too. We would laugh and see who could rock the house more. It was something I felt comfortable with. Something that wasn’t rude or gross, just apart of our every day lives.

In our household now, my husband and I continue the tradition. No holds barred. Let’er rip!!!! Our daughter, who is now in kinder, started out the same way. I remember picking her up from daycare. I, as the parent, got in trouble for my 2 year old farting, laughing about it, and then yelling, “I farted!”. In my mind I was thinking, “That’s my girl”. But of course, all I could say to my provider was, “So sorry, I will talk with her about being appropriate at daycare”.

Something shifted when she entered the wonderful world of kinder. She learned the meaning of embarrassment. Not quite sure at what moment it dawned on her that kids make fun of other kids, but the days of owning up to her own bodily functions are gone. Not only does she deny that she ever farts all together, but now she blames it on the cat, the ghost, the baby, the house plant, anything. And to top it off, no one will smell or hear a thing, and all of a sudden she yells out, “That wasn’t me!!!”. Oh yeah dead giveaway. The new joke in the house is that one of us will have obviously farted, and we look at her and say, “That wasn’t me!”.

The point of this post is certainly not to embarrass my 6 year old daughter, who can’t read yet, and will never even know that I talked about her farting online. But to find out from the internet parenting community, how do I get my confident daughter back? How do I gain her trust and comfort level back to where she knows the home is a judgement free zone? Maybe I need to read her that children’s book called, “Everyone Farts”.

I mean shit, if you can’t fart in your own home, what has the world come to?


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