I love my morning commute!

Singing In My Car

This isn’t really me… but this is what I probably look like while singing in my car

3 days a week, I drive 50 minutes to my fulltime job. 3 days a week, I get 110 minutes total of uninterrupted time. Now most people would complain about this. I mean to any normal person, why would you want to be in the car for so long to drive to work. What a pain in the ass, right? Not me…. To me, driving to work for 50 min each way, is heaven.

For 50 minutes twice a day, for three days a week, I get to play music as loud as I want. I get to think and think, and then think some more. I get to yell and scream and no one can hear me. I get to curse at anyone who pisses me off. I get to pick my nose and not worry about shit. And I love it!

When I am in my car driving to work, I become a totally different person. Most of the time, I am imagine myself an American Idol contestant, winning first place, with my award winning voice. Didn’t you know that anyone who sings in the car with music loud enough, sounds like a wonderful singer? And did you know, that the louder you sing, the better you are?

And of course, when I am singing in my car, I have to accompany my singing with some mad dance moves. Picture table dancing… but I guess you could call it, “car dancing”? Anyway, it is some rad dance moves. And of course when I am in the zone in my car, no one can see me performing. Well at least in my mind, if I don’t make eye contact with you, while I am in my performance mode, you don’t see me.

When I am alone in my car driving, I can be a born-again teen and rock out to Justin Bieber. I can be a hardcore rapping bi-ach to Eminem. I can switch it up and bang my head to Nine Inch Nails or take it old school to Marilyn Manson like in high school.

Today, I was rocking out to Pink. Pink and I are “besties”. She knows me better than anyone. Pink understands me. And by the time I got to work, my voice was raw from yelling (I mean singing) from her latest album. I found it very interesting that when I would come up to another car in front of me, they would move over right away to let me by. I think they may have mistaken my singing, to road rage. Opps, my bad.

And of course I need to round out the commute experience with a song to pump me up, right before I arrive to work. That would be somewhere along the lines of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, etc. You know, like a workout playlist, to keep you going…. That is what I am talkin’ about!!!!

If it wasn’t for my commute time in the car. Time to reflect on my inner most desires and contemplation on life’s mysteries, I would probably wither away into the fetal position on the floor, and die. Just sayin’



2 thoughts on “I love my morning commute!

  1. LMAO Oh how I LOVE this post! You’re so right!! ❤ I have an hour and a half commute once/twice a week for work and I'm surprised I can talk by the time I get there with all my amazing singing with Christina 🙂

    • YAH! Holly, so glad I am not alone. Sometimes I look at the people driving next to me. They look so grumpy and sad. What a horrible way to start the day. Maybe if everyone was singing and happy in their commute, there would be less road rage.

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